Moving Toward a Brighter Future

Since its initial release, Esper Genesis has continued to grow, welcoming new players and GMs while benefiting from a community of dedicated, veteran gamers. That the game and its community still endure despite many unforeseen setbacks is something to be proud of.

As the creator of Esper Genesis, I will now manage its production directly per AAE’s recent announcement.

The plan is to propel Esper Genesis forward—to finish what was started then move on to making even more new and amazing sci-fi content.

So, how does this affect you, our gamers?

First off, all the current projects are still underway. You can continue to create and play your EG campaigns as they are. Other than some updated text, new logos, and a shift to the CC license, there are no major changes to the existing work.

There will be a big change on the production side, where we’re working our way through the current blocks and delays:

  • Core Manual and Threats Database have been updated and scheduled for an offset reprint. We anticipate them being available later this year.
  • Master Technician’s Guide is being printed alongside the reprint of the other core books. Those awaiting physical copies will be notified once they’re received by our distributor.
  • Expedition from the Mysterious Peaks is receiving some much-needed focus toward completion along with more substantial updates to the campaign.
  • An overhaul is planned later this year for the Starforger’s Guild community content program.

While much of this has been happening on the backend, this is a huge change that took time and came with its own challenges and tough decisions. In the end, I believe this is the best way forward. Esper Genesis has limitless potential and I hope to give it the opportunity it deserves to shine brighter than ever before.



Rich Lescouflair
Skydawn Game Studios

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