Game, web, and graphic designer. Managing Partner of Alligator Alley Entertainment. Lead Designer for the Esper Genesis RPG. Contract Writer/Graphic Designer for D&D and D&D Adventurer's League. Dungeon Master's Guild Adept.

Core Manual

Esper Genesis on Roll20

Now Available On The Esper Genesis RPG is now part of the official lineup of games available for the Roll20 virtual tabletop. Core rules compendium, bestiary, and adventures are available now on the Roll20 marketplace. Full Charactermancer support and core rules expansions are scheduled for later this year. Compendium Expansions Adventure Modules

Core Manual

MTG Starship Preview

Starships: A Master Technician’s Guide Preview In our continuing series of previews for the Master Technician’s Guide, we’re focusing on some of the rules that makes Esper Genesis unique from other 5E counterparts: Starships and Starship Combat. In the last installment of the Silrayne Archives, we provided a sneak peak of enhanced gear and gear…

MTG Gear Options

Master Technician’s Guide Preview: Gear options While we continue our development of the Master Technician’s Guide, we’ve seen varied discussions and received many requests for expanded choices for gear and special items. As our community continues to grow and their characters advance into higher tiers, options for expanding equipment become indispensable. Since the pandemic has…