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Starships: A Master Technician's Guide Preview

In our continuing series of previews for the Master Technician’s Guide, we’re focusing on some of the rules that makes Esper Genesis unique from other 5E counterparts: Starships and Starship Combat.

In the last installment of the Silrayne Archives, we provided a sneak peak of enhanced gear and gear customization. As we move closer to completion, we’ve decided to release some of the starship rules as well to help players expand their campaigns. This preview is free to download below.

The public preview expands the rules for grand scale ships and introduces two new roles.

Grand Scale Ships

Grand scale ships operate differently from their smaller starfighter counterparts. These mammoth machines have complex power and tactical systems integrated into specialized control stations, requiring a higher degree of intuition and aptitude.

The Captain and Commander Roles

In the Esper Genesis Core Manual, the captain role was introduced as an optional crewmember that provided assistance to the other major roles. On grand scale ships, the captain’s role is more prominent and even essential to a ship’s performance.

Instead of crewmember maneuvers, ship captains have a set of command dice they can use in conjunction of a list of specific commands to influence and direct the actions of the ship’s crew.

The commander role is an optional role similar to the co-pilot of smaller ships. This command officer affects the ship’s stats, provides assistance to crew maneuvers, and can take over as captain should the need arise.

Alternate Crew Maneuvers

Combat between gigantic space vessels can introduce a different form of movement and tactics. Several new maneuvers are introduced to the pilot, technician, and gunner roles which allow for a full range of co-operative tactics against other large scale vessels.


©2020 Alligator Alley Entertainment – Illustration by Markus Vogt

Ship Stats and Starship Construction

In addition to the new rules and stats, the Master Technician’s Guide provides a step-by-step guide to creating starships of any size and type. While these tables are not included in the free preview, they have been made available to project backers and pre-order customers.

Pre-orders for the MTG are available on the Esper Genesis BackerKit.


©2020 Alligator Alley Entertainment – Illustration by Markus Vogt

Audio Byte - Rich lescouflair

Esper Genesis creator and Lead Designer Rich Lescouflair provides insight into the development of starships for the game as well as their integration into 5E system mechanics.

Starship Preview Download

The material is a preview of game mechanics from the Master Technician’s Guide. This is not the full, nor final version of the product. These can be used in your own Esper Genesis game, but are not yet authorized for use with the Crucible Corps organized play campaign.

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