OGL 1.1 and Esper Genesis

We’ve received many questions regarding the rumored changes coming to the Open Gaming License (OGL), and how it will affect the future of Esper Genesis. I will start by saying Alligator Alley Entertainment will continue to produce and release all our current projects as planned.

Over the past year, we had already been working on alternatives to the OGL that would preserve compatibility with our current products. While WotC/Hasbro has yet to make an official statement, the new license in its current form would force us to relinquish control of our IP while providing us with no benefit or compensation. We have no intention of accepting those terms as they are.

We have always been a steadfast supporter of third-party publishers, who were pivotal in breathing life back into the gaming community. We believe the best solution is for all of us to create a single, unified front toward maintaining the spirit of open gaming. We are ready to contribute however is needed to pursue that cause.

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