Crucible Corps is the official ongoing organized play campaign for the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. As long as you have an official character created using the Crucible Corps guidelines, you can play virtually anywhere a Crucible Corps game is being run. Crucible Corps characters are created using the EG Basic Rules or the Core Manual, along with the Crucible Corps Campaign Guide.


All you need to do to play is locate where a Crucible Corps event is taking place, create a character, and be there by the game’s start time.

As a Game Master, you can choose to run your events in any public location such as your friendly local gaming store, a community center, or a convention. You can also run private games from the comfort of your home or a friend’s house, and even play online using digital tabletop programs. So long as you are playing an officially released Esper Genesis adventure and follow the Crucible Corps guidelines, characters keep their experience, rewards, and rankings no matter where you decide to play.


You can download the Crucible Corps Campaign Guide below. The Crucible Corps campaign is currently in its beta stages, with continuous updates to come as campaign materials are released. Once the official books become available to the public, many of the official adventures will follow. Currently, outside of official games being run at conventions, the following adventures are approved for use in Crucible Corps:

Introductory Adventures

Shadow of the Zephyr Storyline

Join the Crucible Corps Now!

Choose a free membership as a player, game master, organizer, or any combination of the three to participate as much as you want. When you join you’ll get a Crucible Corps Serial Number which gives you an official identifier for all Crucible Corps events and allows you to track your characters’ progress in the campaign.

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