Welcome to the Crucible Corps!

Crucible Corps is the official ongoing organized play campaign for the Esper Genesis RPG. As long as you have an official character created using the Crucible Corps guidelines, you can play virtually anywhere a Crucible Corps game is being run.

Where to Start?

The first step is to register and obtain a Crucible Corps ID. After that, all you need to do to play is locate where a Crucible Corps event is taking place, create a character, and be there by the game’s start time. You can also organize your own event using the following guidelines:
  • Establish a Location. You can play or run events in any public location such as your friendly local gaming store, a community center, or at a convention. You can also run private games from the comfort of your home or a friend’s house, and even play online using digital tabletop programs such as Roll20 or Shard Tabletop. So long as you are playing an officially released Esper Genesis adventure and follow the Crucible Corps guidelines, characters keep their experience, rewards, and rankings no matter where you decide to play.
  • Acquire Materials. It’s recommended you have play materials such as blank character sheets, logsheets, pregenerated characters, and a copy of the adventure(s) the will be run at the event.
  • Find Players. If you’re looking for players or a Game Master, you can recruit your friends, advertise your game by posting ads at your game location, or reach out on social media and online TTRPG sites.
  • Keep It Fun and Organized. When running your event, make sure to keep a registration list, ensure all participants have the materials they need, and have a great time!

What You Need

Players simply need a character¬† created with the Basic Rules or the Core Manual, using the guidelines detailed in the Crucible Corps Player’s Guide. To get started as a Game Master, you need:
  • The Basic Rules or the Core Manual (see above).
  • An adventure licensed for play in Crucible Corps.
  • Play materials such as dice, sheets, and pencils.
  • A group of three to seven players.
If you plan on running a game at a public event, coordinate with the store staff or event organizer. If you’re running online, make sure you and your players are registered and have the necessary tools to play. You can also utilze online meeting platforms such as StartPlaying to find other players and groups.


Any official Esper Genesis adventure can be used for play at a Crucible Corps event.¬† Visit the Adventures page for available products, including introductory adventures. If you’re running a private event, you can also use adventures published on the Starforger’s Guild, our community content program.

Join the Crucible Corps

Choose a free membership as a player, game master, organizer, or any combination of the three to participate as much as you want. When you join you’ll get a Crucible Corps Serial Number which gives you an official identifier for all Crucible Corps events and allows you to track your characters’ progress in the campaign.

Supporting Resources