The Silrayne Arc

The universe is vast, varied, and filled with an infinite number of peoples, cultures, and traditions. Within the cluster of planets known as the Silrayne Arc, the myriad of races continue to strive as they live amongst each other. Throughout this amalgam of planets, societies, and cultures, each have one thing in common: The Crucibles.

No one knows where the Crucibles come from. They are structures the size of small moons that are stationed at various locations throughout the galaxies. They are of various shapes, mostly polyhedrons or spheres, and composed of a material that is both similar yet foreign to every other known material in the universe. Inside each Crucible is a core from where raw Sorium is harvested.

Sorium is a form of energy that has been used throughout generations to power ships, cities, items used in everyday life, and can even be wielded by some to perform the art of Melding, a practice of warping the fabric of reality to create extraordinary effects. Beings capable of such feats have achieved Esper Genesis – a connection to the universe that can be both amazing and dangerously terrifying. It is a power many feel the people of the galaxy are not ready to wield. This discovery has altered the way of life for each and every person living within these worlds.

Cultures meld and clash in an eternal dance as the planets learn to live in a peaceful balance. Major centers of trade swirl within the orbits of the central planets comprised of various cultures, each carving out their own niche within the galaxy. At the heart of it all is Silrayne Prime, the heart of the Sorium Accord. The homeworld is orbited by The Bastion, a grand trade hub that houses the Sorium court and their protectorate army.