Many populated areas of the galaxy are patrolled and guarded by the Guardian Factions—independent organizations who strive to protect the galactic regions from potential threats while promoting their own ideals for advancement throughout the stars.

Though each of these factions have their own goals and interests, they can put their differences aside to join forces against an extreme galactic menace.


A shadow government of spies exercising galactic control from the shadows. – Well suited for characters interested in gaining knowledge, and then controlling others with the power of secrets.

Children of Aria

A spiritually-minded fellowship that believes the espers were created by a higher power in order to defend the universe against a coming evil. – Well suited for characters that seek a purpose beyond themselves.

Infinity Order

An organization of military veterans and mercenaries using their might to keep order and promote prosperity amongst the populace. – Well suited for characters that would guard those that cannot protect themselves.

Shadow Cipher

Loosely-organized, technologically-savvy group which seeks to gain power and influence through technology. – Well suited for independent-minded characters that view knowledge, learning and technology as the keys to gaining influence behind the scenes.


Optimistic futurists that believe the galaxy itself is a living entity and all life within must be protected. – Well suited for characters that tenaciously seek harmony and unity.