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Presenting our latest project for our expanded 5E universe.

Expedition from the Mysterious Peaks is an action packed, dual-genre adventure series and setting inspired by an iconic adventure classic.

You can play as a party of legendary adventurers, a band of heroic space explorers, or a team comprised of both!

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Rules Versatile

Expedition is unique in that it allows for play using either the standard 5E rules or Esper Genesis.

While supplemental rules and pregens allow for play with both rulesets, GMs can expand their game even further by combining options from both systems.

Expandable Content

In addition to the series, the book provides a wealth of setting lore and options GMs can use to tailor the adventures, as well as import any or all into their own 5E campaigns.

The setting of the Veiled Realms also introduces many interwoven story bonds for players, allowing their character backstories to take center stage during the campaign.

The Story

The main story unfolds from two different perspectives. One is as a party of adventurers seeking to stop a cataclysmic magical threat. The other is as a team of intergalactic travelers that come across a generations-old distress beacon coming from the surface below.

These beginning elements can be played individually or simultaneously, intertwining into a rich, versatile campaign. How these paths merge depend upon the choices and actions of the players and the Game Master.

Even after the adventure ends, the events open a wealth of plot threads and story ideas to create more adventures in Thalis, the Aldor system, or your own setting.


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Development Status

The following charts provide a general estimate of the project’s completion status as well as fulfillment for the Kickstarter campaigns pledge rewards and add-ons.

These are our best estimates, however these may be subject to change depending upon unforeseen obstacles or delays.

You can also view the Kickstarter campaign updates for additional and in-depth content information and previews.

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