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Master Technician's Guide Preview: Gear options

While we continue our development of the Master Technician’s Guide, we’ve seen varied discussions and received many requests for expanded choices for gear and special items. As our community continues to grow and their characters advance into higher tiers, options for expanding equipment become indispensable.

Since the pandemic has greatly altered everyone’s schedules, as well as added to an already delayed development, we’ve chosen to provide our fans and fellow 5E gamers with the Esper Genesis version of the treasure and gear system. This preview is free to download below.

The following are some additions and changes that can be used in EG and adapted to any 5E campaign.

Gear Customization

High-tech gear is a staple of most sci-fi tales and adventures. With that in mind, new options are provided for customizing the existing gear available in the Core Manual.

Armor and Weapons

Armor and shields can now be given optional properties that would make them useful for specialized tasks such as espionage or deep-space exploration.

Weapon attachments and new types of ammunition give new alternatives to the use of the existing weapons list. The addition of an expanded weapons list also comes with several new weapon properties.

Affinity and Enhanced Items

Similar to the 5E attunement system, affinity provides balance to item availability between lower to higher level characters, which also works in conjunction with the Core-forged items concept.

To provide flexibility to special items, mods are introduced as an item type. Using mods allows characters to provide standard mundane gear with special abilities and features. Variants of these mods can be installed as cybernetic and bionic implants.

MTG 2020 - partial

©2020 Alligator Alley Entertainment – Illustration by Santi Casas

Core Stones and Core-forged Items

Core-forged items are weapons, armor, and foci that grow with the character as they advance. Rather than having to replace weaker items for stronger ones (often leading to item bloat), items suitable for lower level characters can be fitted with core stones, producing rare items which bear extraordinary features and properties. Variants of this system are planned for the official release (such as Legacy Gear).

Audio Byte - Rich lescouflair

Esper Genesis creator and Lead Designer Rich Lescouflair discusses his initial concept for forged enhancements, how they evolved, and the varied inspirations for the new item system.

A big Special Thanks goes out to James Haeck, James Introcaso, and Shawn Merwin.

Download / Preview

The material is a preview of game mechanics from the Master Technician’s Guide. This is not the full, nor final version of the product. These can be used in your own Esper Genesis game, but are not yet authorized for use with the Crucible Corps organized play campaign.

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