Starforger's Guild and Crucible Corps

We’re gearing up for a new year of possibilities, starting with expanding play options for the Esper Genesis community.

Introducing: The Starforger’s Guild

Since the launch of Esper Genesis, our team has been striving to make the most comprehensive sci-fi system for 5E. As the team now focuses on expanding the Silrayne Arc with official adventures, we’ve also partnered with DriveThruRPG to create the Starforger’s Guild, a content hub that gives creators the opportunity to forge their own adventures and options to share with the rest of the community.

As a Starforger’s Guild creator, you can design your own Esper Genesis-powered products under the community content guidelines and sell your work on the DriveThruRPG marketplace. In addition, as their new partnership develops, you would also be able to extend your products as virtual tabletop content for the Roll20 marketplace.

Please visit the official Starforger’s Guild page for more information.

Crucible Corps Update

When we launched Crucible Corps, the idea was to create an organized play campaign where players can easily find public spaces to play and advance their Esper Genesis characters. With several unavoidable obstacles including product delays, the pandemic, and our small team growing even smaller, we were unable to keep up with the level of adventure content that such a program would require. We soon realized the easiest way for CC players to advance is to simply… let them play!

As we strive to catch up on available adventure content, Crucible Corps players can conditionally advance their characters by playing Starforger’s Guild adventures or even in homebrew games. All your character needs to qualify for organized play is to follow the guidelines for character creation and advancement, and utilize the new “gear locker” feature when playing in public events.

Visit the updated Crucible Corps page where you can find new guides and updated log sheets.