Check out our list of upcoming events to sign up for organized play adventures, seminars, workshops and other official events sponsored by Alligator Alley Entertainment.

The AAE team will be at Gen Con this year! Crucible Corps, Starforger’s Guild, and Expedition from the Mysterious Peaks adventures will be hosted by Baldman Games in Griffin Hall at the JW Marriott.

Events are listed below by date.

You can also find us in the Exhibit Hall in the following locations:

  • Baldman Games – Booth #2801
  • Studio 2 Publishing – Booth #2029

Gamehole Con is the largest majority RPG gaming convention in the world! Alligator Alley Entertainment is a proud sponsor.

Esper Genesis lead designer, Rich Lescouflair, is among this year’s list of amazing special guests.

Events are listed below by date.

AAE will also be exhibiting in the Dealer Hall this year! You can find us in Booth #17.